IISCN VcdromX 4.1

IISCN VcdromX creates virtual CDROM images of various formats
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Creating virtual CDROM images many times provides an efficient solution to actually burning CD and using it over and again. Therefore to facilitate the cause, IISCN VcdromX 4.1 comes with capability to create virtual CDROM images of various formats such as the FCD, VCD, ISO and likes of them. It supports bootable CDROM images, and provides flexible controls to the user over the contents of the CDROM images, and also converts virtual CDROM images between various formats as well.

The user can insert preset virtual CDROM image and application launches predefined program automatically. Not only can the user build bootable CDROM image, but also extract bootable information from CDROM image, CDROM or floppy disk too.

VcdromX offers support to a number of virtual CDROMs such as the Daemon Tools, Fantom CD, Logicraft Virtual CDROM, Paragon CD Emulator, and similar ones. The latest version comes with the bug related with DBCS folder name in V4.0 duly fixed, features XP style menu and dialog, along with quick access to CDROM image from Windows Explorer context menu.

Moreover it is also possible to build VCDROM image of a range of formats from selective files and directories, irrespective of wherever these files and directories are actually located.

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  • Offers support to a number of virtual CDROMs


  • Doesn’t work with Vista, trouble with higher service pack of XP too
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